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Where In The World? (Europe)



United Kingdom
of Great Britain
Northern Ireland
(First played in Scotland in 1870)

(First played 1888)

Australian Football League Britain

Northern Ireland
(First played 1999)

Belfast Football Club

(First played 1870)

Scottish Australian Rules Football League

(First played 2006)

Welsh Australian Rules Football League


French Republic
(First played 1916)

Union Francaise de Football Australien (French Union of Australian Football)


Kingdom of Belgium
(First played 1919)

Brussels Football Club


Kingdom of Denmark
(First played 1989)


 Danish Australian Football League


Kingdom of Sweden
(First played 1993)


Svenska Australiensiska Fotbollsförbundet (AFL Sweden)


Federal Republic of Germany
(First played 1995)

Australian Football League Germany


Kingdom of Spain
(First played 1997)

Lliga de Futbol Australià de Catalunya
Madrid Football Club
Spain Football Club


Republic of Ireland
(First played 1999)


Australian Rules Football League of Ireland


(First played 2000)

Although Catalonia is within Spain, they are an Autonomous Community in the northeast of the country.
However they have their own representive team in International & European competitions, and therefore, not a part of the Spanish national team, The Bulls.

Lliga de Futbol Australià de Catalunya


(First played 2001)




Ozirulz Georgia


Czech Republic
(First played 2003)

Czech Australian Football League


Kingdom of the Netherlands
(First played 2003)

Dutch Australian Football Association


Republic of Austria
(First played 2004)

Graz Football Club
Vienna Football Club


(First played 2004)


AFL Italia
Federazione Italiana Australian Football (Italian Federation Australian Football) (NO LONGER ACTIVE)

Kingdom of Norway
(First played 2005)

Oslo Football Club


Republic of Croatia
(First played 2006)


Croatian Australian Football Federation


Republic of Finland
(First played 2006)


Finnish Australian Football League

Principality of Andorra
(First played 2008)

Andorra Football Club

Republic of Turkey
(First played 2008)

Karsiyaka Football Club

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